Advantage India!

India is becoming a favored destination for clinical trials. Here are some statistics.

.. Current outsourced clinical trial activity in India is at around Rs. 3.5 billion in 2007 (about US $ 75 million) and is estimated to go up to Rs13.2 billion (about US $ 281 million) by 2010 (about 30% growth per year) ... Indian Council of Medical Research

... Trials can be conducted in India at fraction of the price of the US. Trials for standard drugs in the US cost upwards of $150m, a figure that can be reduced by around 60 per cent by shipping them to the sub-continent..

...India has the singular advantage of having English as its official language. This means that all laboratory and clinical reports, as well as source and hospital documents do not require time-consuming and error-prone translation. This speeds us the whole process of registration and approval.. - Medical Progress Today

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