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We are a US-based company helping healthcare companies in the US and West conduct clinical trials in India. By keeping our US overheads to a minimum, we pass on the savings directly to you, while still providing you with US-based contacts and access to high-quality, ethical, and competent hospital-based CRO facilities in India.

While working with us, you will save at least 30% (typically 50% or more) of what you may expect to pay for your clinical trials in the US.

Why India

India is becoming a popular destination for doing clinical trials. Global CROs routinely conduct part of a global clinical trials in India. India offers both, savings in cost, and a large patient pool, making patient recruitment less challenging.

If you are looking to do a phase II / IV clinical trials in India, do contact us and we can help you provide significant savings on what you may expect to pay in the West.

Why Us?

Although clinical trial in India can be 50% to 75% cheaper than doing the same trial in the West, savings typically realized by the end client (e.g. pharmaceutical, medical diagnostic, medical device companies) are much more modest. This is primarily because the CROs conducting trials often have large operations in the West with large overheads to support and also because they outsource clinical work to outside hospitals and clinics.

We on the other hand have a lean support staff in the US just to facilitate your communications with CRO and provide project management to ensure that things are on track. Moreover, our partner CRO in India is a reputable hospital-based CRO, with 12 years of experience in clinical trials for various therapeutic areas. They do the clinical work in-house and have a great infrastructure already in place due to their hospital. In fact many large and well-known CROs are clients of our partner CRO as they subcontract out many of their trials of global pharma companies to our partner.

This results in a significant savings to you, the end client.

Hospital-based CRO Capabilities

Our partner CRO is based in a very well-reputed private hospital in India and hence has a great infrastructure in place for clinical trials. The group owning this hospital is a very well respected industrial group in India.

The group has over 12 years of experience running clinical trials in India and seven of the ten largest pharmaceutical companies and counts most global CRO as its clients.

The group has done dozens of clinical trials in:

Nephrology and Urology
Others - including dermatology, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, general and plastic surgery, and internal medicine including infectious diseases

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